Isaac Robinson’s 2023 Breakout Year

Isaac Robinson - Fantasy Disc Golfer of the Year

In 2023, Isaac Robinson truly stepped up his game. This wasn’t just any year for him; it’s the year everyone will recall when talking about when Isaac left an indelible mark in disc golf. Hailing from Lawrenceville, Georgia, Isaac has been on the professional disc golf circuit since 2011. But this year, man, it was different. This was when he shined the brightest, stamping himself as one of the sport’s superstars. Let’s dive into what made this season epic for him.

Mr. Robinson = Mr. Consistent

If there’s one word to define Isaac’s 2023 game, it’s consistency. This guy played in a jaw-dropping 32 tournaments in the tough-as-nails MPO division. Arguably the toughest competition ever. And despite that crazy schedule, Isaac never lost his cool, earning nods of approval from fans and pros alike.

Making a Statement: Six times this year, Isaac was up there on the podium, grinning with a top-three finish. Among these wins was a stand-out victory as the PDGA Worlds Championship. That’s delivering when the stakes are the highest.

One of the Highest Single Season Tour Earnings EVER!

Raking in the Moolah: 2023 saw Isaac bagging a cool $107,529. If you’re doing the math, that’s over half his career earnings in just one year! Not only does it shout about his performance but also rings loud about his growing fame in disc golf.

Always Among the Best: Isaac isn’t just about those podium finishes. He ended up in the top 10 in a solid 16 events. That kind of versatility is proof of his top-notch game.

A Proud US Rank: Isaac can wear a big badge of honor. He’s ranked #3 on the United States Tour. Talk about being a top player in the country!

PDGA Rating to Boast: By October 10, 2023, he flaunted a PDGA Rating of 1041. If you know your disc golf, you know that’s a big deal. Only a dozen disc golfers have ever achieved a 1040+ PDGA rating

This year wasn’t just about Isaac proving his mettle. It set the stage for what promises to be a dazzling journey in disc golf. His unwavering spirit, his ever-growing achievements list, and his undeniable talent hint at a future filled with more accolades.

And as Isaac rides on the waves of his 2023 success, all of us in the disc golf world are on the edge of our seats, waiting for more epic moments from him. His story is one of grit and passion, a beacon for all budding athletes.

Eyeing fantasy disc golf for 2024? Bet Isaac’s on your list. And hey, even though he’s probably earned more this year than most disc golfers, why not show him some love? Check out and grab his signature tour series discs right here.