Where is Eagle McMahon going? – New Sponsor for 2024

The Journey So Far

Eagle McMahon, a name synonymous with professional disc golf and Discmania, has been a cornerstone of the brand since his youth. Rising through the ranks as one of the original “Crush Boys”, McMahon’s journey with Discmania has been nothing short of remarkable. His prowess on the field, coupled with his association with Discmania, has shaped much of his professional identity. However, recent developments hint at a potential shift in this long-standing alliance.

There is no doubt that Eagle is one of the top pros in disc golf and has proven to have elite level talent. The only question, and big risk is can Eagle keep it going consistently?

His history of injuries had definitely questioned his long term sustainability for potential sponsorship.

Winds of Change

The disc golf community was taken aback by the departure of Simon Lizotte, a move that signaled possible changes within Discmania. This departure, combined with McMahon’s apparent dissatisfaction with the new versions of Discmania Originals, has fueled speculation about his future. McMahon’s preference for the “real” Discmania Originals is well known, and this discontent could be the catalyst for a brand switch.

The Innova Possibility

Innova, renowned for its legacy in disc golf manufacturing, emerges as a viable destination for McMahon. Given Innova’s capability to produce the much-loved Discmania Originals, a switch to Innova might offer McMahon the familiarity and quality of the discs he loves. This move would not only be a homecoming to the discs he adores but also a strategic alignment with a brand that has a significant footprint in the sport.

Innova is also one of the few brands that can afford the price tag a top 5 player like Eagle can command. In addition, a switch like this could really pay off for Innova in luring back many of the original fans that used to primarily throw Innova and Discmania when they were under the same umbrella.

MVP: Reuniting with Simon Lizotte?

The MVP Disc Sports option presents an intriguing scenario. Joining MVP would mean reuniting with his old friend and fellow Crush Boy, Simon Lizotte. However, the financial feasibility of MVP supporting two high-profile athletes like McMahon and Lizotte is a matter of speculation. MVP’s commitment to innovation and quality could be a draw for McMahon, but the financial dynamics remain a critical factor.

Lone Star Disc: An Emerging Contender

Lone Star Disc’s recent moves in the professional player market, notably the release of Emerson Keith, open another avenue for speculation. Could this be a strategic play to free up salary space for a high-caliber player like McMahon? Lone Star, though a relatively new player in the disc golf manufacturing arena, could offer McMahon a fresh start and a pivotal role in shaping the brand’s future.

The Road Ahead for Eagle McMahon

As the disc golf world watches Eagle McMahon’s next move, it’s clear that his decision will have a profound impact on the sport’s professional landscape. Whether he chooses the familiarity of Innova, the camaraderie of MVP, the new challenge at Lone Star Disc, or just sticks with Discmania, the speculation is fun to think about. We will update this post if and when we get more details.

Photo Credit: DGPT