Who will sponsor is Lykke Lorentzen in 2024?

Lykke Lorentzen top Norwegian professional disc golfer

Professional disc golfer Lykke Lorentzen recently announced that she will be leaving Prodigy Disc. In her YouTube video she also said that she will reveal where all of the other Prodigy Pros will be going, and why they are leaving.

Where are ALL the Prodigy players going & Why they are Leaving?

But, she was just kidding. Great click bait though.

Really, it all comes down to the fact that she needs more money to pay for international travel, including getting her Visa, and is looking for a sponsor that can work closer with her to help her accomplish her goals.

What We Know

Lykke Lorentzen, a disc golf professional hailing from Horten, Norway. She is currently 948 rated, but has ambitions to be one of the top female disc golfers in the world. She dominated the disc golf scene in Norway, but has struggled to be among the elite female players in the US where the tour is much more competitive.

Her current rating stands at 948, and she ranks at #36 in the United States Tour Rankings for Open Women.

She recently created a YouTube talent where it appears she has some good potential to provide more value as a media and content creator.

You can follow Lykke Lorentzen’s journey on her Instagram handle @throwlikelucky.

Where Will Lykke Go?

Her goals, which include spending more time in the US, focusing on vending, especially during the off-season, and playing for a company that can provide dedicated support, give a clear indication of her ambitions and preferences.

Given these goals, a partnership with a company like Infinite Discs could be an ideal match for Lorentzen in 2023. Infinite Discs allows players to sell popular discs of all brands, because as the #1 retailer in disc golf that’s what they do. This aligns perfectly with Lorentzen’s interest in vending. They are able to provide Lorentzen with an extensive inventory to choose from for her vending endeavors. This variety not only helps in attracting a diverse range of customers but also allows her to be a one-stop vendor for disc golf enthusiasts.

Plus, Infinite Discs, being a prominent name in the disc golf industry, has the resources and network to support Lorentzen in her professional career. They can provide the necessary marketing, sponsorship, and logistical support that can help propel her presence in the competitive scene, especially in the US.

Additionally, considering her desire for a smaller brand that can offer more focused support, a small but growing sponsor like Clash or TSA could be a strategic choice. These brands, while smaller and perhaps more nimble, can offer a level of personalization and attention that larger brands might not be able to match. They can work closely with Lorentzen to develop specific strategies that align with her goals, be it in terms of product development, marketing, or competitive play.

In essence, a collaboration with Infinite Discs, supplemented by a sub-brand like Clash or TSA, would provide Lorentzen with a unique blend of extensive product range for vending and personalized support for her professional growth. This partnership could position her well to achieve her goals and make a significant impact in the disc golf scene in 2023.

Photo Credit: DGPT