Fantasy Disc Golf

Do you like disc golf? Do you like fantasy sports?

A great way to get more out of your professional disc golf viewing experience is to play fantasy disc golf. A ten person fantasy disc golf league can be easily played on facebook, but that requires lots of manual updating. When our development is done this site will have the resources to automatically run, manage, and maximize your fantasy disc golf experience with details including tournaments, courses, player stats, competitions, and prizes. Get informed decisions to help you make the best fantasy picks. Also find out fun information about the top pros including what golf discs they currently throw and are in their bags.

Coming for the 2024 season we plan to have Play Fantasy Disc Golf updated with stats and information about all of the major touring pros to ensure that you’ll have the best information to make the right picks.

Make sure you follow the hottest professional disc golfers and the Disc Golf Pro Tour.

If you’re looking for a way to play online fantasy disc golf in an organized format, is an excellent platform that is really easy to use and creates a fun way to get more engaged with and better follow your favorite fantasy disc golfers.


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