2024 Fantasy Disc Golf Power Rankings!

From our friend Mister Disc, The 2024 Fantasy Disc Golf Power Rankings are here! Whether you are in a Mixed Division League, MPO Exclusive League, or an FPO Exclusive League, these rankings have you covered.
In addition, this year’s rankings add a little draft strategy into the mix as well. For example, Missy Gannon might be valued at #4, but they think you can get her later and they let you know about it in the post.
This is who Mister Disc ranked as their top 10 in Mixed Division.
1. Calvin Heimburg
2. Kristin Tattar
3. Gannon Buhr
4. Missy Gannon
5. Ricky Wysocki
6. Holyn Handley
7. Isaac Robinson
8. Eagle McMahon
9. Matt Orum
10. Valerie Mandujano
For the complete list, check out the 2024 Fantasy Disc Golf Power Rankings!