Discraft Paul McBeth Kratos Putter Coming Soon

Paul McBeth Kratos

Discraft has just announced the release of the next disc in the Paul McBeth line, the Kratos. Discraft’s Kratos, dubbed a revolutionary force in disc golf, promises to elevate your game with its innovative design. As anticipation builds, the disc golf community is eagerly awaiting its public release on March 8th. Designed in collaboration with the legendary Paul McBeth, the Kratos is not just a disc; it’s a testament to excellence and innovation.

With the Kratos, you’re getting a disc that cuts through gusts with unwavering stability, keeping your throws precise no matter how blustery it gets. With the Kratos, it’s not just about leaving a mark; it’s about making every toss meaningful. Nailing putts with laser-like precision and weaving through obstacles on the course, you’ll find the Kratos indispensable for upping your game.

But it’s not all about acing the game; with Kratos, you feel every throw’s essence right in your grip. The Kratos disc, with its carefully selected rubber mix, sits perfectly in your grip, giving you the edge as you line up for the play. With each throw, you’re not just moving a disc; you’re engaging with the essence of the game itself.

The Discraft Paul McBeth Kratos is more than just a new disc—it’s a symbol of progression and a tool for domination on the course. As players around the globe gear up for its release, the buzz is undeniable. Gear up to crush the competition and rule the greens with Kratos—where cutting-edge stability, unbeatable grip, and sleek design are all part of your arsenal. Don’t just play; dominate with the Kratos.

As the release date approaches, the excitement only intensifies, and you don’t have to wait until March 8th to catch a glimpse of the Kratos in action. Catch a glimpse of Anthony Barela expertly testing the Kratos, comparing it with the Focus and the Luna.