Best Disc Golf Monthly Subscription Box

Disc golf enthusiasts are always on the lookout for new ways to enhance their game and connect with the sport they love. Monthly subscription services have gained popularity as a means of delivering curated discs, gear, and accessories to players’ doorsteps. In this article, we will take a closer look at some of the top disc golf subscription services available, including the Dynamic Discs Handye Supply Co, Sockibomb Box, Drew Gibson Bag subscription, Disc Member, and Infinite Discs VIP Club.

1. Dynamic Discs Handye Supply Co: The Dynamic Discs Handye Supply Co Subscription Box is a must-mention addition to the disc golf subscription landscape. This unique service exclusively features trilogy discs, including brands like Dynamic Discs, Latitude 64, and Westside. Priced at $44.99 per month, subscribers can anticipate a monthly delivery of high-quality trilogy discs that cater to their specific playing preferences.

2. Sockibomb Box: For the dedicated fans of Ricky Wysocki, the Sockibomb Box is a treasure trove. Focused entirely on discs and gear associated with Ricky Wysocki, this subscription is a dream come true for enthusiasts of the renowned player. With a monthly cost of $59.99, subscribers can expect to receive a collection of three discs that bear the signature of Ricky Wysocki. While an excellent choice for Wysocki fans, the price might be a bit steep for those not aligned with his playing style.

3. Drew Gibson Bag Subscription: The Drew Gibson Bag Subscription is designed to cater to players who appreciate pre-release discs and consistent branding. Priced at an affordable $30 per month, subscribers are treated to two discs each month, both featuring the same bag stamp. This subscription is perfect for those who seek consistency and value in their monthly disc selections.

4. Disc Member: While Disc Member has a dedicated following, some subscribers have raised concerns about the perceived decrease in value over time. At a cost of $29.99 per month, Disc Member offers a diverse range of products from various brands. Despite the criticisms, it remains a popular option for those seeking a mix of discs and gear.

5. Infinite Discs VIP Club: Collectors and enthusiasts seeking exclusive discs and artwork should look no further than the Infinite Discs VIP Club. Priced at $21.99 per month, subscribers gain access to sought-after VIP discs with unique designs and unreleased or exclusive edition plastics. Additionally, VIP Club members enjoy perks like discounts at Infinite Discs and access to exclusive products not available to non-members.  If you’re on a budget, this is the best value disc golf monthly subscription service. 

6. BirdieBox by As part of the platform, BirdieBox offers three subscription tiers: $39, $74, and $110 per month. This service caters to varying preferences and budgets, delivering a mix of discs, gear, and accessories to subscribers’ doorsteps. With different options available, players can choose the level of engagement that suits them best.

Conclusion: Disc golf subscription services offer players an exciting and convenient way to receive new discs, gear, and exclusive items regularly. Whether you’re a fan of specific players, seeking exclusive collectibles, or simply looking to enhance your disc golf experience, these subscription services provide a tailored approach to engaging with the sport you love. Each service has its unique offerings, making it easier than ever for disc golf enthusiasts to stay connected, discover new products, and elevate their gameplay.